Chrome Zero: SpecForce

Chrome Zero: Specforce

(The plot of SpecForce play a few years before Chrome.)

Update: 2015-30-08/ this Project is delayed but is still in the works.

I´m working now on Chrome SpecForce Widescreen Reolution Mod. Its a 
bit different as Chrome. They guys had removed the "ScreenShot" function
for the Singleplayer Level Preview-Description. The Ammo display in the
left Hud was removed and replaced with a counter. They removed in the
option menu, Implants Controls and the Implants view in the Ingame.

WIP 16:10 Screens:
I have Redesigned the Logo. Reworked the Briefingscreens and Adapted
the User Interface from my Chrome 1 Widescreen Resolution Mod.
I´m editing the Weapon nad Items textures for inventory and adjust the
size for the inventory cells.


19 Antworten zu “Chrome Zero: SpecForce

  1. hi, i ‚m replaying chrome specforce now , any idea when this mod for 16/10 will be ready. My screen is set to 1280×800 , but i had to set the game to 1280×960 since it doesnt have my resolution. THe FOV is very bad, any way to increase it. My monitor maximum res is 1680 by 1050.(22″).

    • I finished this at middle 12/2011, sorry i have no time because my fulltime job…. the Field f of view is Implent. in the java code. i look and sarch how to change for this. I use the same Monitor resolution. 🙂
      and at time i worked parall. on a new version (Private for puplic). for BSnes,Dosbox, ScummVM, Psx-2-PsP (Pal-2-Ntsc Gui) and my frontend.

  2. hi, can i have the chrome UI editor that you have, i tried to implement some of the modification from the chrome 1 on the HUD, but the fonts are not ok, now i have to load the game every time to see the modifications i make. 😦

  3. no need, i have finished the game, episode 11, now i delete everything., good job anyway, i have managed to adapt the hud when i was on mission 9.

    • Yes, I Hope to finished LH.Game(Start,i) (A Gamestarter this works are WHDLoad, but for pc)
      Chrome Zero and Part 1 – 16:9/16:10 mod. German Translation for Stalker SOC: Return Of Scar Part 1 Mod

  4. where is the link for this specforce mod? I must be blind as I can’t find it. I just get redirected to here with no link. thankyou for your attention

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