LH.Game-Database (Update 2016-06-12)
    - In work: Search Engine
    - Local and Global Web Links  Finished
      Adding, delete, Sort, Drag and Drop Support*
      *Import: Shortcut Links, Bookmarks *.json, *.html      
    - Code upgraded and changed to PB 5.42
    - Working on the Sub-Database. (DONE)
      Background: Every Item (Game) in the Database
      can have the own Sub Database (a Mini DB) for Mods/DLC etc..
      and can configure to start Mods ..etc.. inc Screenshots
    A free database System where you can add any game 
    that is playable on your PC (Windows only). At time no Download

    Info and Finished things
    - Use Local Sqlite Database Structure
    - Added Database Tools (Backup, Remove, Compress etc..)
    - Modified the look of the Windows
    - Single Coverflow in Preview Mode
    - Configurable up three game Starts per entry
    - Managed very lot of Infos
    - Screenshots can be added
    - Has Joystick/Joypad Support
      Scroll through the entries and start game
    - Fullscreen or Window Mode
    - Cache System for Database Entrys
    - Can have more at one Main Database
    - Inbuild Storage Explorer per entry 
              (For Pdf, Artbook, Snipped txt)
    - Inbuild Storage Explorer include:
               Picture Viewer
               Small Webbrowser
               PDF Viewer
               Text Viewer/Text Editor
    - Saves Serial Number in the Databse with a unique encryption            
    - is Portable (No Installation is required)
    - Very fast ..
    - Sub Database Per Entry (For Mods, DLC) (in Work)
    - Extended Search
    - Beta Test
    - First Puplic Version
    Design and Concept by Traxx Amiga Ep, written in Purebasic 5.3x