LH.Mame(NXG,i) v0.03 (32Bit & 64Bit)

LH.Mame(NXG,i) v0.04 In Work …

About: A small simple addon Gui for NonUI M.A.M.E (with M.E.S.S integrated)  where you can explizit manage you Rom Folder, deeper search through the Rom/Sets, quick startup with Mess and Wildcard. It takes the Infos only from the created ‚listxml‘. NXG stands for NiftyXMLGui .


  • Features:
  • Rompath Manager: Add, Remove, Sorting inc Drag’n’Drop for Directory’s
  • Searching: (Titles, Sets, Rom Names [in the set], Year, Extensions etc..)
  • Quick start MAME via Drag’n’Drop with the Set (can be Rom Folder, *.zip, *.7z)
  • Quick start MAME(MESS System) Drag’n’Drop a Wildcard (Rom) or use WEX
  • Show the Console Output in the Gui
  • Support the most ini Filters (progettosnaps, mameui)
  • Support for TitleScreen and Snapshot …………
  • Selectet Rom Folder Inside the Mame Directory System keep Portable
  • Fast Loading List (~36000 sets round ~10s) (AmdFX8350, @3,4GHZ)
  • Show the Game Status in the List (From NonWorking to Good)
  • Pure single exe, no installation is needed.
  • CHDman integrated
  • Clones will be sortet to the right Parent Rom
  • WEX: Wildcard (Rom) Explorer for Mess
  • IDE: Wrote in Purebasic 5.31 x64

Important: Does Not Check your Roms! Use Favorite Rom manger (clrmamepro etc..)


How To create a listxml? Open the Menu, left from the Minimize or just run mame.exe -listxml

Running a Mame Game. Take gamename folder,*zip,*.7z and drop it to the Mame Button or select it from the list or write the gamename in the string.

Running a Mess System/Console + Game. Select the System in the List and
drop the wildcard (Rom) to the ‚wildcard string‘ or press the Mess Button
and select a wildcard (Rom/cdrom/cart/cassette etc..) in the file requester.

Running Pce/TG16/SGx Cdrom. do the same how ‚Running a Mess System/Console‘.
A PcEngine CDrom game need a cdrom cartdrige. LH.Mame(NXG,i) search for
this cards in the Mame Rompath:

  • For Pc-Engine: [CD] CD-ROM System (Japan) (v2.1)
  • For Super GFX: [CD] Super CD-ROM System (Japan) (v3.0)
  • For TG16 : [CD] TurboGrafx CD Super System Card (USA) (v3.0)

If found, LH.Mame(NXG,i) changed the commandline for this.

Update 2016 – 05 – 19

No needed to put LH.Mame(NXG,i) in the Mame Directory

Commandline Switch
-m, –m, %m For <path+exe>
LH.Mame(NXG,i) start the given Mame and use the Directory as Workdir.

Todo ….
– I think the ‚Show Available‘ list is not accurat
– The list doesn’t sort for Default First set, Pure A>Z

just for ideas:
! Rom Verify Detail view
! Adding Emus: Supermodel and M2 Emu


Mame_Icon256 Download


2016 – 05 – 21 (nyf or alpha or test release)

– Bugfix ‚in Cuesheet’s‘, with Non exists Directory’s
– Fix Expression Operator in CHDman Result

2016 – 05 – 19 (nyf or alpha or test release)

– Changed lack info For many User/Error Message’s
– Change Color Description For Clones
– Fix Crash For Initial startup
– Fix Memory List Count (-1/+1)
– Fix white screen IN Snap/Titles
– Fix Machine Names For Snap/Titles
– Fix Structure List
– Fix Last item on Ini Filter
– Increase Speed To Display Maschines
– Increase Speed For generate the Listxml through LH.Mame(NXG,i)
– Maschines Select by Default
– Clone’s Sorting Mode Order (Default is On)
– LH.Mame(NXG,i) use now a ini file To save
+ the Last Softlist (Rom) Directory (From NeoGeoCD To PC/AT486)
+ the Default Mess Maschine Rom (From NeoGeoCD To PC/AT486)
+ the Desktop Position
+ the Parent And Clone Color Settings
+ the Clone List Description
+ the Last Selected Maschine
+ the Font Settings
+ the Default Settings For Picture Mode/ Transparency
+ the Mame File And Path
+ the Chdman path
– Added PC/AT486 To Tree
– Added CMD Switch: use -m, –m, %m For „Path + (alternate) Mame Executable“
e.q: -m D:\Folder1\Folder2\Folder2\myxymamevxyz.exe
– Added xml file check on startup
– Update Game Status Icon
– Added Default Mame List’s*
– Added To Menu: Picture Mode, Picture Transparency, Color & Font Settings
– Insert Automatic Wildcard Rom on Maschine Select (ini)
– Wildcard (Roms) Explorer For Directory
– Change And fixed LH.Mame(NXG,i) Startup Code
– Added a Wildcard (Rom) Explorer
– Fix Autoselect With Drag’n’Drop
– More Info Requester Messages
– Crashfix on POP/PUSH internal List
– Integrate CHDman
– Cuesheet Renamer (Rename the cue, Files And files In the cue)
– CHDman Settings (Menu = Select alternate Executable & Outp To Cmd/Console)
– Crash IN *MemoryList Drivers > Sublist Elements 1. Fix by Adding +2
– Code Cleanup

2016 – 04 – 10 (nyf or alpha)

  • First Public version. Worked 1,5 Week


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