DOSBox/ScummVM Ports

2012/08/11 DOSbox v0.74 $Revision svn.3793 LH=Game.Database Build 0.04
LH=Game.Database Build 0.04
- Joystick SDL HAT Messages removed

2012/07/01 DOSbox v0.74 $Revision svn.3784 LH=Game.Database Build 0.03
LH=Game.Database Build 0.03
+ support prompts for the good old "$p$g" 
+ Multi-Floppy-Images on IMGMOUNT
+ Bug fix for batch file
+ Digital controlled crossing support 'Config-> joystick = xbox360'

Added: Inofficial Patches
 ID: by 'Traxx Amiga EP'          : Digital-Control Pad Only Option.
 - If you have Xbox360 (wireless) Controller, on default, the dpad 
 - can not be used. set in the dosbox.conf under joystick = xbox360.

Sourceforge Patches taken (many thanks for the patches) ;)

ID: 2852923 by doc_wagon/Darkstar : Support for User-defined prompts.
 - support prompts for the good old "$p$g"

ID: 1873201 by d_skywalk/David : Multi-Floppy-Images on IMGMOUNT
 - Adding e.g. 6 Disk images and install from A:. On Request for the
 - next disk Press CTRL-F4.

ID: 1687623 by ykhwong : Bug fix for batch file
 - LOTUS III Version 14/07/93D:\GAME\DOS\LOTUS>
 - This should be
 - LOTUS III Version 14/07/93

2010/08/15 Dosbox 0.74 Build 3636 + Patches in die Box (unten auf dieser seite hochgeladen).

I am working on the next Dosbox version. It include Multiple Glide Variants, adding VGA Patches etc…

2010/08/29 ScummVM Daily Build $rev52440 Update hochgeladen,
I found the scanlines in ScummVM too bright, so I decided to take DOSbox scanlines/TV modes.
Why? I love these old TV mode. I can do with the other renderers nothing. They look terribly
out of my eyes. This provides image so smeared. A theme I’ve also created. Nothing great.
Only the colors changed, the smaller buttons and arranged differently. The search moved to bottom
right. The large logo replaced with the small logo. Amiga integrated mouse arrow.

Added GFX Render
 - TV2x (DOSBox Syle)
 - Scanlines2x (Darker Lines!)


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