DOSBox/ScummVM Ports (Unofficial Forks)

These are Forks, Modified builds from Dosbox and ScummVM
2018/05/10 Dosbox 0.74 $Revision svn r4119 (Optionals)/ ScummVM GIT 64Bit 1.10.xx

After a long time I updated my private builds of Dosbox and ScummVM.
In Dosbox I have added many changes yet not so much that the configuration
is cluttered. In ScummVM, I made only tiny changes and added a few things.

DOSBox SVN r4119 (Optionals v12) Build on (Jun 16 2018 035501) (Download)

DOSBox SVN r4111 (Optionals v12) Build on (May 31 2018 205718)  (Download)
DOSBox SVN r4101 (Optionals v12) Build on (May 10 2018 023201) (Download)
DOSBox SVN r4093 (Optionals v12) Build on (Apr 9 2018 235840) (Download)
DOSBox SVN r4088 (Optionals v11) Build on (Apr 3 2018 21:41:56) (Download)
DOSBox SVN r4066 (Optionals v10) Build on (Dec 10 2017 18:41:05) (Download)
DOSBox SVN r4064 (Optionals v09) Build on (Dec 03 2017 18:22:28) (Download)
DOSBox SVN r4063 (Optionals v08) Build on (Nov 30 2017 02:00:59) (Download) (shader update)
DOSBox SVN r4063 (Optionals v07) Build on (Nov 30 2017 02:00:59) (Download) (Aspect Ratio fixes)
DOSBox SVN r4063 (Optionals v06) Build on (Nov 28 2017 09:00:08) (Download) (Demo Was Broken)
DOSBox SVN r4063 (Optionals v05) Build on (Nov 28 2017 03:48:57) (Download)
DOSBox SVN r4063 (Optionals v04) Build on (Nov 27 2017 20:48:25) (Download)
DOSBox SVN r4063 (Optionals v03) Build on (Nov 18 2017 02:40:08) (Download)(Source)

Features Compiled:
32Bit DynamicX68 FpuCoreX68 OpenGL3 3DFX CGA-Extension PNG Fluidsynth MT32 SSI2001
M.A.M.E.-Sound Nuked-OPL3 DirectSerial IPX Modem

Dosbox: This based on (r4006) the SDL2/OPENGL3/Fluidsynth Fork from dugan (Vogons) 
Support shaders :)

Features: In and i have done
- From r4006 to r4119, all updates have been added by hand.
- Static/ Standalone 32Bit Single Exe (Windows)
- SDL2 2.0.4/ - SDL2 Net


  • Quckk Fix for Aspect Ratio and VGAOnly20.11
  • stdout and stderr are dosbox_log, dosbox_err. If exists a sub
    directory ‚DATA‘. save to the sub directory


  • OpenGL3 Output Method, On 16 or 32Bit it jumps to Surface Method
    Jump Label excluded. On Windows the shader works (Screen Test Windows 3.1)
  • OpenGl3 Output, VGAOnly/EGA Ratio Mismatch/Melt, Screen Height Doubled Fixed


  • Rework Aspect Ratio Fix. This fixes Sleepwalker and Jazz Rabbit in vgaonly
    additional Monolith Demo Diffrent Screen Resolution Fixed.
    (Thanks to Diduz @ Vogons Forum)


  • Fixed Aspect Ration on EGA & VGAOnly. This fixed Resolution problems with
    Sleewalker and Jazz Jack Rabbit. (Thanks to Diduz @ Vogons Forum)
  • VGA Multisync. Double Screen Resolution normalized (Scene Demo Monolith)
  • Update crt_lottes( & _mod). Added a Black mask for the Warp x and y. On my
    System the Top and Left border was a glitch.
  • Added for svga_s3 a Mameory Option in the conf ‚memsvga3′. A few Games or
    Scene Demos brings a Message with ’not enough memory video‘. You can Force
  • Added programs on Drive Z: (S3REFRESH, NOLFB.COM (to use with svga_s3),
  • Added programs on Drive Z: (Box, a echo command with a box) (This was only a
  • Added programs on Drive Z: NOVERT.COM. This is eq. for 3D Shooter. This
    disabled the Forward Mode with the Vertical Mouse Movement.
  • Added Few Fixes from Dosbox-X. Eq. for Scene Demos.
  • Added in the conf ‚CutVesaResolutionIndex‘. You can cap the Resolution Index. This Fixed eg. Warcraft2
  • Reworked the generated Dosbox.conf. It is now Reader friendly.


  • Added and Update Dosbox Optionals to svn r4064
    Allow for direct changing of 4op chaining without having to rewrite the algorithm mode.
  • Added a Missing Resolution Index 0x68, If you set in ‚The Big Red Adventure‘ S3 Chip Set and it founded. It saved in the bat the commandline ‚-24 (For S3) and the Resolution Index 104‘. this is Index 0x68. On Gamestart it fails because not founded.
  • Added from Freedos Project The memory Manager Programm ‚JEMMEX‘. I’ve searched the Internet for the Tool. Now its permanent in Dosbox. I hate this ’searchen‘


  • Added and Update Dosbox Optionals to svn r4065
    Fix bug where joysticks got disabled after a section restart (when changing parameters while running).
    Add code to map circularly restricted analogue input to be mapped to squares.
    Add deadzone support in both square and circular mode.
    Add deadzone=100 as fake digital device (idea by Hidden Asbestos)
  • Added GETDIG.COM Program (Similar Choice but only with Digits Only)
  • Added Maschinentype/GFX Card to the Window Title


  • Added in the conf [SDL]. ‚VoodooUseOwnFullScRes‘ and ‚VoodooUseOwnWindowRes‘.
    On true the Voodoo 3DFX resolution is taken from the configuration settings windowresolution/fullresolution. Set to false so you can change in the section pci a own Resolution or if you run with a game in problems and higher Resolution you can change this and use the Original Resolution.
  • Added in the conf [SDL] ‚VoodooDesktopFullScrn‘. With this bool is controlled whether the 3DFX Fullscreen ’native‘ is or as ‚Fullscreen Desktop‘ traded (SDL2). For 3DFX games that have no problem with it (High Resolutions), such as Tomb Raider, Fatal Racing aka Screamer, D1 Enemy Zero (Windows 95 with Voodoo driver) is recommended to set the value to true. For games like Pyl,Blood etc .. put the value on false.
  • Added in the conf [SDL] WindowsTaskbarAdjust. With the switch you can adjust the fine tuning for the centering of the window in the height if the window ’still‘ hangs a few pixels under the Windows taskbar.
  • Update to SVN Code 4066. Allow an autoinit transfer to go over into a single cycle transfer. Fixes Paddlers.
  • Added imgmake Patch. From HAL’s Old Megabuild Version. Create HD images.
  • Dosbox Window Title show the Maschine/GFXCard.
  • Reworked the Template for the Autoexec
  • HD Nibblefix from Dobsox-X. NTS: DOSBox 0.74 mainline has these backwards: the upper nibble is the first hard disk,the lower nibble is the second hard disk. It makes a big difference to stupid OS’s likeWindows 95.
  • Windows Keys (Win Left and Right added to SDL Mapper)
  • Reboot Message changed
  • Doshell Dir switch. More help to the Sort Order Command
  • Added in the conf [SDL] UseAspectHeight. If this true. Dosbox will be use Aspect Ratio on the Screens (Aspect=true/false). if this set to false. Aspect Ratio has no ‚heavy‘ effect the screen hight’s. I added this because my Resolution 1280×1024 was always shrink to 1280×960.OK, this 640×480 *2. But it doesn’t look good on Windows 3.x/ Windows 95.


  • Update to svn Revision r4088
  • NukeOPL Sound Update from 1.7 to 1.8
  • Added a missing Bios Register for Memory. Up to 1024MB/1GB (Win95 can handle on default max 512MB)/ (Win98 you can use 1GB, but this is a test) (Look the Screens below)


  •  Update to svn Revision r4093
  •  Added a Fix for Thalions Aribus A320


  • Update to svn Revision r4101
  • This SVN Included Fixes for:
  • SVN: Powerdolls (Korean Version) Hardrive Detect
  • SVN: Airbus A320 CPU Fixes
  • SVN: Perfect General CPU Fixes
  • SVN: Lucasarts Install Setup Screens
  • SVN: Buckaroo Banzai fix open file with search mask „*“


  • Update to svn Revision r4119
  • This SVN Included Fixes for:
  • SVN: Sound Issues on Later SCi Games
  • SVN: Fixes for Hattrick by Ikarion
  • Update/Changes Optionals
  • – Added MiddleMouseButton to Unlock/Lock Release Mouse
  • *.Conf(ig) Entry [sdl]-> mmbutton = true/false

**Update Status.
r4007 – Not needed because SDL2, OpenGL Fix in the sdlmain
r4052 – Not needed because SDL2, 2nothing to do with dangling comma
r4056 – Not Needed, ddraw is in the fork Obsolete

Voodoo Patch (SDL1)
That’s the hardest part of the whole code. I changed the code from
SDL1 to SDL2. The seperate 3DFX window (window or full screen) is now
processed in the DOSBox window. The resolution can be additionally set.
Games like Tomb Raider or Fatal Racing are running at modifiedResolution e.g 1280×960. But there are some
games that are not working properly at a high resolution. I have not yet the c++ opengl skill for a solution. 3 filters can
be set in the conf default, gl_linear, gl_nearest. If you use OpenGL/
OpenGLnb (This is now OpenGL3) sometimes it can crash. If you have Problems
try compat_flag to true. To activate the Glide, Copy from the archive
„.\! Extras\Extras Dosbox\FOR 3DFX“ the glide file to you game directory.

If Dosbox doesn’t found the Dosbox.conf.
Config File wil be created in the Directory where Dosbox.exe is.
Config will be not created in AppData Path. The search path is
– \DATA\Dosbox.conf
– \Dosbox.conf


NOTE: Fullscreen issues and todos.

  • I think you have already noticed. The whole thing with the fullscreen somehow not working properly. I therefore advise you to avoid the fullscreen. Why?
  • With the method Output = Surface, image remains black.
  • With the method Output = Texture (nb), Fullscreen does not work in combination with a specified fullscreen resolution. Result: graphic error
  • With the method Output = OpenGL (nb), see above.
  • 3DFX. It may happen that crashes with the method OpenGL (nb) and Native Fullscreen Dosbox.
  • When you quit Dosbox in fullscreen mode. Keys entered or in the DosShell „exit“. Dosbox crashes.
    I know. These are important things that need to be done.Windows95 in Dosbox:
  • Shutting down does not always work.
  • The MsDOS Shell and a BPP 32Bit doesn’t work


ScummVM (Fork) GITHUB Build(s) (See Commits for changes)

ScummVM 2.1.0git 64bit (May 11 2018 00:44:38)(Download)

ScummVM 2.1.0git 64bit (Apr 4 2018 20:43:22) (Download)
ScummVM 2.1.0git 64bit (Dec 2 2017 04:27:56) (Download)
ScummVM 1.10.0git 64bit (Nov 18 2017 03:05:30) (Download) (Source)
Features compiled in: TAINTED Vorbis FLAC MP3 RGB zLib MPEG2 FluidSynth Theora AAC FreeType2 JPEG PNG

  • 64Bit, Standalone static exe (Windows)
  • Changes/Features (Source)
    – Added Scanlines Variants and Brightness
    – Scanline 20% – 100%, Faktor 2x
    – Scanline 20% – 100%, Faktor 3x
    – Scanline 20% – 100%, Faktor 4x
    – Scanline 20% – 100%, Faktor 5x
    – Scanline 20% – 100%, Faktor 6x
    – TV3x, Tv4x,,TV5x,TV6x: How the default ScummVM Scanline Scaler wie TV2x
  • Darkseed 2 added (DrMcCoi Blog, ScummVM Info):
    – Darkseed 2 Engine Integrated & Updated to the new ScummVM Backend System
    – Fix segafilm_decoder
    – Fix Specific Init Grafik Platform BitsByPixel
    – Windows Video versions runs in 24Bpp
    – Saturn Version Runs in 256 Color Mode
    – Adjusted Playback Video Rate
    Note: this is only a test for me how to works to add a engine to ScummVM
  • Voyeur (thanks toBakhtosh andcriezy) Support and Extended:
    – Added German CDi Version
    – Quit Game returns to Launcher
    – Initial On Daytime begin Fixed
    – Detection Files Changed

– Config and Save Path, to use the regular appdata path use ScummVM –useappdata
– Console changes



2012/08/11 DOSbox v0.74 $Revision svn.3793 LH=Game.Database Build 0.04
LH=Game.Database Build 0.04
- Joystick SDL HAT Messages removed

2012/07/01 DOSbox v0.74 $Revision svn.3784 LH=Game.Database Build 0.03
LH=Game.Database Build 0.03
+ support prompts for the good old "$p$g" 
+ Multi-Floppy-Images on IMGMOUNT
+ Bug fix for batch file
+ Digital controlled crossing support 'Config-> joystick = xbox360'

Added: Inofficial Patches
 ID: by 'Traxx Amiga EP'          : Digital-Control Pad Only Option.
 - If you have Xbox360 (wireless) Controller, on default, the dpad 
 - can not be used. set in the dosbox.conf under joystick = xbox360.

Sourceforge Patches taken (many thanks for the patches) ;)

ID: 2852923 by doc_wagon/Darkstar : Support for User-defined prompts.
 - support prompts for the good old "$p$g"

ID: 1873201 by d_skywalk/David : Multi-Floppy-Images on IMGMOUNT
 - Adding e.g. 6 Disk images and install from A:. On Request for the
 - next disk Press CTRL-F4.

ID: 1687623 by ykhwong : Bug fix for batch file
 - LOTUS III Version 14/07/93D:\GAME\DOS\LOTUS>
 - This should be
 - LOTUS III Version 14/07/93

2010/08/15 Dosbox 0.74 Build 3636 + Patches in die Box (unten auf dieser seite hochgeladen).

I am working on the next Dosbox version. It include Multiple Glide Variants, adding VGA Patches etc…

2010/08/29 ScummVM Daily Build $rev52440 Update hochgeladen,
I found the scanlines in ScummVM too bright, so I decided to take DOSbox scanlines/TV modes.
Why? I love these old TV mode. I can do with the other renderers nothing. They look terribly
out of my eyes. This provides image so smeared. A theme I’ve also created. Nothing great.
Only the colors changed, the smaller buttons and arranged differently. The search moved to bottom
right. The large logo replaced with the small logo. Amiga integrated mouse arrow.

Added GFX Render
 - TV2x (DOSBox Syle)
 - Scanlines2x (Darker Lines!)