Chrome 1 aka Advanced Battlegrounds: The Future of Combat

For SpecForce Widescreen Mod go to Mod: Chrome Zero: SpecForce

You can download the First Release here Download Chrome Resolution Mod WIP

Update 2015-08-30
Primary Mod: Mega (not changes, only a new DL)
Secondary  : Root Files from the Retail Version (1.1.30de) for test
Dont forget, its a beta.

Mod and Fix Features
- All Menu/Display and Screen Messages Reworked (Multi and Singleplayer)
- Oval stretched Ingame Graphics ReEdited and Screens Fonts Fixed.
- Added New Background and Loading Screen for Widescreen Resolutions.
- Changed a Few Textures to have a higher Resolution.
- All Maps have a higher Resolution (from Original 256x256px to 1024x1024px)
- German Version autmatic. Unlocked to Uncut Version.
- Added Inventory Space/room from SpecForce. Yes you have 2 cells more.
- Added a "Chrome Graphics Extension Tool", So, You can set the enhanced GFX prefs.
- Added New User Interface For Inventory (Player/Enemy/Mission Begin) /Lock/Map Screen

Installer Notes+Updates
- The Installer is build from scratch. Using Setup Factory 9.
- I have the Installer confgured to work with future Resolutions.
- Works with both Game Version (Steam or Retail) [I hope this]
- Fixed Language German/English Bug
- The Installer detect your Lang. Auto. and your path.
- Works now with English Version. thanks got to LFishRoller @ Steam Forum

Important Notes.
1. This mod is permanent. You cant DeInstall the Mod. In a future, i working on
   a backup solution. If you want to Remove the mod you have to remove the full game.

2. In the Multiplayer. You cant use the last 2 cells in the Inventory. if one tries to modify
   the  "codenet.pak". Multiplayer doesnt work and is disabled.

3. If you found crazy things or the installer doesnt work email me, or give feedback in the
    current forum or wirte a text @

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37 Antworten zu “Chrome 1 aka Advanced Battlegrounds: The Future of Combat

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  3. Hey, deine Mod in Kombonation mit meiner Mod sieht richtig nett aus 😉
    Ich habe in meiner Mod die Weitsicht erhöht, das Aufploppen von Palmenblättern beseitigt, einige Texturen sind jetzt ersetzt, bzw. hochauflösender (z.B. Felsen, Palmen, Pflanzen), GFX wurde auch optimiert/ verbessert bei z.B. Explosionen von Mechs.


  4. Hey Traxx,
    I cannot get this mod to work.
    Launching from the Chrome Launch tool, I get this error below
    Steam Error
    Application load error 5:0000065434

    Only way to launch game is from steam. ( and yes I have steam up when I use the tool)

    When I launch the game from steam, In-Game I am missing many textures.
    Like this

    and in-game, floor is invisible, some enemies are invisible, I can see through the walls but I only see weird things like floating guns or dark walls.

    • Hello,
      Settings with Chrome Tool (its a very old app from me) affect only the Settings (*.scr files). Changes take only with ‚Save and Apply‘.
      unfortunately, i have only the retail Version ‚1.1.30de‘. I could never get the steam version to test and work with this. I test the game today (2015-08-30) on my GTX970 with Driver 353.06. Yes it’s older but i’m a guy, i don’t look permantly for new driver and intall these. I test it with various Settings in the nVidia Control Panel (Antialiasing/ FXAA/ SSAA on, off). No Model Errors. No Invidible things. I uploaded my Root Files for test. In Chrome (damn Google, why did you named you browser how a game :(, that makes it even harder to look for a problem ) there exists a log Directory. Please open and look the files. Could be a shader Problem?


      • I looked at the logs…
        In „validate.txt“ :
        *** trying fallback shader
        *** fallback loaded
        *** trying fallback shader
        *** fallback loaded
        there are many lines of just this.

        In „TexError.log“
        ERROR: cannot find texture:
        ERROR: cannot find texture:
        ERROR: cannot find texture:
        ERROR: cannot find texture:
        ERROR: cannot find texture:
        ERROR: cannot find texture:

        I hope this is not AMD problem because you have Nvidia and it was perfectly. I have:
        Win7 64-bit Ult.Ed
        16GB RAM
        AMD 280X (15.7 drivers)
        Game is running from HDD.

        Just test game after replacing my Steam files with yours and the game launches properly from the Chrome Tool, but I still have missing textures.

      • You wrote:
        In „TexError.log“
        ERROR: cannot find texture:
        ERROR: cannot find texture:
        ERROR: cannot find texture:
        ERROR: cannot find texture:
        ERROR: cannot find texture:
        ERROR: cannot find texture:

        Which Texture….? OK.
        Make a Clean Install and Copy this fresh Install Folder to a other Place on your HD’s.
        Then Overwrite the Root files with my Version and do a Start. Please Look before your start the Game and open Regedit
        go to HKPath:
        and Set the Destinationdir=to your new Location
        If it all is OK, Install The Mod, now you Select the NonSteam Variant.
        Check Game if you had the same Errors. I recommend you grab the Process Monitor and Check the game. For more overview Deselect in Procmon Registry – Network and Thread Activity and Exclude the most Snaps how Exploer.exe and co. So you see which texture is missing. Save This log.

      • I checked this, Don’t Worry, the Souce Files are 1.200 (Came from the Retail Gold Edition). It Showed only the false Version in the main Menu.

        This should work with your Language. Check this under Data\LocalizedStrings.scr

      • Well Traxx I dont know what to say, everything is fixed!?

        I reinstalled the game from Steam for the 4th time and because I was getting the Application Loader error from running the game from the Chrome Tool.
        During the Mod installation I Checked “ Add Chrome SP Shortcut to desktop“ and then right now ran the game from that Desktop Shortcut after „Save and Apply“ on the Chrome after setting up my resolution…Now everything loads, playing at 1920×1080 all textures look fine and working.
        I think there was some Win7 permission issues running the game from the Tool or running the game from ChromeLaunch.exe or ChromeSinglePlayer.exe

        Well this is awesome, thank you very much for the Mod, the game looks so good now, very clear not pixel blurry like it was at 1280×960 on my 1080p monitor.
        Hopefully this helps someone else also, During the Mod installation make sure to add a tick on the desktop shortcut, run game from there to avoid permission issues after setting up your settings using the Tool config.
        Many of my other games work fine running .exe but only game with problem like this is Baldur’s Gate, the disc one, I cant run from the game dir, only works if run from Desktop shortcut.

        Thank You Traxx, awesome Mod.

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