News 2017-03-27
I’m doing at time a full translation in German for Stalker – Shadow Of Tchernobyl Mod: Stalkersoup

All downloads at time offline….
News 2016-08-31

I wrote a Tutorial for which works for Stalker Clear Sky, Shaodow of Chernoby, Call Of Pripyat

and the Font Size Problem in 1080p or 4K.  Increase the Font Size and Type in few Minutes

for the complet game 🙂

S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Perfected Font Type and Font Size in 4K (DE)

News 2016-06-12

I have free time , so i’m working on my Game Database System

   LH.Game-Database (Update 2016-06-12)
    - In work: Search Engine
    - Local and Global Web Links  Finished
      Adding, delete, Sort, Drag and Drop Support*
      *Import: Shortcut Links, Bookmarks *.json, *.html      
    - Code upgraded and changed to PB 5.42
    - Working on the Sub-Database. (DONE)
      Adding, Delete, Screenshots
      Background: Every Item (Game) in the Database
      can have the own Sub Database (a Mini DB) for Mods/DLC etc..
      and can be configure to start Mods ..etc..

in work: Search

Todo: Preferences window


Bad News 2016-05-30

  • I have lost my Job 😦


News 2016-05-26

At time, i upgrade my Program’s to Purebasic 5.42 LTS

I changed many code classes (my Includes) from 5.31 to  5.42

Remove unused code and clean up.

First Release:

MsuOfflineInstaller v1.1 (Mega)
History 1.1

Next: Lh.Mame(NXG,i) v0.04, LH.IDTech1(Start), LH.Game(Database), Drop7z

News 2016-05-21
Update Lh.Mame(NXG,i) v0.03

Page and Download: LH.Mame(NXG,i)

– Bugfix ‚in Cuesheet’s‘, with Non exists Directory’s
– Fix Operator in CHDman Result


News 2016-05-20
Update Lh.Mame(NXG,i) v0.02

Page and Download: LH.Mame(NXG,i)

– Fixed many bugs
– integrated chdman,
– clones driver sort order now to the right parent driver
– Wildcard Explorer
– increased speed for driver list
– ..


News 2016-04-21
Release: Lh.Mame(NXG,i) v0.01.  

A small simple addon Gui for NonUI M.A.M.E (with M.E.S.S integrated)  where you can explizit manage you Rom Folder, deeper search through the Rom/Sets, quick startup with Mess and Wildcard’s. It takes all the infos only from the created ‘listxml’. NXG stands for NiftyXMLGui .

Page and Download: LH.Mame(NXG,i)


and.. Added my Bezels for Mame/Mess. (Widescreen 16:9) Version 1.0. I included my CRT Config’s



News 2016-04-12
Compiled on Request a 32Bit Version from Higan 0.98 (formerly bSnes) (Windows) 

Downloads: Higan 0.98 32Bit (x86)

a respectful big thanks goes to chronoschal for the VS2015 Patch.


News 2016-03-16
Updated LH.IDTech1(Start)  (idTech1 Launcher Doom,DoomII,Heretic,Hexen etc..)  to 0.95b

   Version 0.95

  • Fixed Crash ‘Create Desktop: Icon Mixed Mode’ Memory List-size to small (2015-09-03)
  • Mini Explorer: More Handle and Detailed Info @Delete Files. (2015-09-10)
  • Removed unused Window Size Code. (2015-09-10)
  • Eternity Engine: Support for *.edf Files (2015-09-10)
  • HacX 1.0/1.1: Use Automatic if found in the same Directory how Hacx.wad the Dehacked
  • Files Hacx.deh/ Hacx_F.deh (2015-09-10)
  • Added to Save Commandline Arguments to the User Configs (2015-09-15)
  • Added iwad File Path Support for Steam: Doom Collector’s Edition and GOG: Doom Bundle Collection (Section Ultimate Doom, Doom 2, Final Doom).
  • Auto select works only if iwad Path is Empty (2015-09-16) * Couldn’t Test Doom Collector’s Edition, I don’t have this
  • Added Batch-file Creation , Look at ‘Save Configuration: Popup Menu’. Config will be
    Default saved To Desktop (2015-09-16)
  • IDE: Wrote in Purebasic 5.31

Downloads: LH.IDTech1(Start) V0.95b (2016-03-16)


News 2016-02-09
Compiled on Request a 32Bit Version from Higan 0.97 (formerly bSnes) (Windows)
Downloads: Higan 0.97 32Bit (x86)

and working on my Alienbreed 3D 1+2 Conversion to zDoom
Projekt Page on zDoom Forum


This is my FO4 Combat Music. Comes from Stalker. The Dyna Battle Music. I Edited the Right and Left Ogg Files, Joind and Mixed.

Fallout 4 Combat Music From Stalker (Dynamic Battle Music, ReEditet).

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