News 2017-03-27
I’m doing at time a full translation in German for Stalker – Shadow Of Tchernobyl Mod: Stalkersoup

All downloads at time offline….
News 2016-08-31

I have free time , so i’m working on my Game Database System

   LH.Game-Database (Update 2016-06-12)
    - In work: Search Engine
    - Local and Global Web Links  Finished
      Adding, delete, Sort, Drag and Drop Support*
      *Import: Shortcut Links, Bookmarks *.json, *.html      
    - Code upgraded and changed to PB 5.42
    - Working on the Sub-Database. (DONE)
      Adding, Delete, Screenshots
      Background: Every Item (Game) in the Database
      can have the own Sub Database (a Mini DB) for Mods/DLC etc..
      and can be configure to start Mods ..etc..

in work: Search

Todo: Preferences window

Bad News 2016-05-30

  • I have lost my Job 😦

News 2016-05-26

At time, i upgrade my Program’s to Purebasic 5.42 LTS

I changed many code classes (my Includes) from 5.31 to  5.42

Remove unused code and clean up.

First Release:

MsuOfflineInstaller v1.1 (Mega)
History 1.1

Next: Lh.Mame(NXG,i) v0.04, LH.IDTech1(Start), LH.Game(Database), Drop7z

News 2016-05-21
Update Lh.Mame(NXG,i) v0.03

Page and Download: LH.Mame(NXG,i)

– Bugfix ‚in Cuesheet’s‘, with Non exists Directory’s
– Fix Operator in CHDman Result

News 2016-05-20
Update Lh.Mame(NXG,i) v0.02

Page and Download: LH.Mame(NXG,i)

– Fixed many bugs
– integrated chdman,
– clones driver sort order now to the right parent driver
– Wildcard Explorer
– increased speed for driver list
– ..

News 2016-04-21
Release: Lh.Mame(NXG,i) v0.01.  

A small simple addon Gui for NonUI M.A.M.E (with M.E.S.S integrated)  where you can explizit manage you Rom Folder, deeper search through the Rom/Sets, quick startup with Mess and Wildcard’s. It takes all the infos only from the created ‘listxml’. NXG stands for NiftyXMLGui .

Page and Download: LH.Mame(NXG,i)


and.. Added my Bezels for Mame/Mess. (Widescreen 16:9) Version 1.0. I included my CRT Config’s


News 2016-04-12
Compiled on Request a 32Bit Version from Higan 0.98 (formerly bSnes) (Windows) 

Downloads: Higan 0.98 32Bit (x86)

a respectful big thanks goes to chronoschal for the VS2015 Patch.

News 2016-03-16
Updated LH.IDTech1(Start)  (idTech1 Launcher Doom,DoomII,Heretic,Hexen etc..)  to 0.95b

   Version 0.95

  • Fixed Crash ‘Create Desktop: Icon Mixed Mode’ Memory List-size to small (2015-09-03)
  • Mini Explorer: More Handle and Detailed Info @Delete Files. (2015-09-10)
  • Removed unused Window Size Code. (2015-09-10)
  • Eternity Engine: Support for *.edf Files (2015-09-10)
  • HacX 1.0/1.1: Use Automatic if found in the same Directory how Hacx.wad the Dehacked
  • Files Hacx.deh/ Hacx_F.deh (2015-09-10)
  • Added to Save Commandline Arguments to the User Configs (2015-09-15)
  • Added iwad File Path Support for Steam: Doom Collector’s Edition and GOG: Doom Bundle Collection (Section Ultimate Doom, Doom 2, Final Doom).
  • Auto select works only if iwad Path is Empty (2015-09-16) * Couldn’t Test Doom Collector’s Edition, I don’t have this
  • Added Batch-file Creation , Look at ‘Save Configuration: Popup Menu’. Config will be
    Default saved To Desktop (2015-09-16)
  • IDE: Wrote in Purebasic 5.31

Downloads: LH.IDTech1(Start) V0.95b (2016-03-16)

News 2016-02-09
Compiled on Request a 32Bit Version from Higan 0.97 (formerly bSnes) (Windows)
Downloads: Higan 0.97 32Bit (x86)

and working on my Alienbreed 3D 1+2 Conversion to zDoom
Projekt Page on zDoom Forum

This is my FO4 Combat Music. Comes from Stalker. The Dyna Battle Music. I Edited the Right and Left Ogg Files, Joind and Mixed.

Fallout 4 Combat Music From Stalker (Dynamic Battle Music, ReEditet).

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